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The Wars of Bent Creek
Apr. 10, 2018
Jeff Hill
Children's: Middle Grade Fiction
In 1968 twelve year old J.P. Hudson and his best friend, Joey Glaseman, are living a carefree summer of swimming, fishing, goofing around, and visiting the “old guys” down at Edgar’s Billiards. Their world doesn’t extend far past the city limits of their tiny town, and they don’t entertain any thoughts that it should. Bent Creek is quiet and peaceful, a place where life is allowed to move slow and easy, like the creek itself. However, when J.P. accidently breaks a window in the town’s only mansion, when Joey’s brother comes home from Vietnam in a coffin, and when a family with a “foreign” accent moves into town, the boys are confronted with a new set of realities. Their curiosity and spirit of adventure compel them to uncover a dark secret the new family is hiding, discover why the wealthiest person in town is a determined recluse, and befriend a veteran who is harassed by some ignorant locals. Their friendship is put to the test when the turbulence of Vietnam spills into town, and they have to decide where their loyalties lie, as their world gets stretched beyond the city limits.
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