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Immortal Descent
Mar. 29, 2018
Carolyn Walker
Fiction: Paranormal
Ethan West knows what it means to be different. Growing up in a fractured home and struggling with a strange sixth sense he couldn’t control, Ethan yearned for a normal life. But just as Ethan finds his balance, a paranormal attack unravels his life once more. At death’s door, Ethan narrowly escapes a horrific end but at the cost of his mortal soul. Now reborn as immortal being called a Lorn, Ethan undergoes a transformation that awakens the once dormant rare ability within him known as Sensory.

But Sensory is far more than just an ability—it’s the rarest ability among Lorns, which has made Ethan a moving target. With a great divide among Lorns, he quickly becomes a weapon of power for those who follow chaos, yet a savior for those who follow order. Now torn between two warring legions, Ethan struggles to better understand his own power and identity for the first time in his life. But what he learns will question everything he thought he knew about his past, his purpose, and the very future he’d hope to have.
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Stephanie Taylor
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