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How to Seduce a Billionaire
Mar. 13, 2018
Nastia Rybka
Non-fiction: General/Other
This is the diary of a Belorussian student called Nastya, who reveals her experience of seducing a billionaire on the Forbes 100 rich list. After completing a training course in seduction techniques, Nastya boards the yacht of a billionaire. By working on tasks given to her in secret by her trainer she manages to seduce this incredibly wealthy and influential man. But nothing is as it seems. After her first successes, she makes some powerful enemies. And then Nastya discovers that her presence on the yacht is no coincidence, and that she is actually part of a sinister experiment... Can she get out of this situation?
Everything in this book really happened, and this account comes from Nastya’s personal notes taken at the time. The names of the characters will remain classified for at least ten years or until the author’s death
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