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Dr. Mitch
Mar. 15, 2018
Dr. Mitch Medina
Non-fiction: Memoir
My autobiography. I'm 66 years young, and I have done all kinds of interesting things. I'm now a medical researcher in Kenya. See www.aids-cure-now.com. The draft I posted on our website is only finished through half of the final book. That's deliberate, because I don't want people to download the whole thing, and then there won't be any meaningful e-book rights to be sold.

My story was designed to be an e-book. The manuscript is full of links, which make it a multimedia feast, and it's written from the point of view of a unreconstructed Jewish hippie Grateful Dead freak who gave up drugs, went through the spiritual supermarket of the '60's, got saved, and then became a businessman, an international evangelist and now is a medical researcher.

I have 30 U.S. Patents.


E-mail me at drmitchmedina@aol.com, and I'll send you a 467-page pdf. I need a few weeks to load the last half of the manuscript with family photographs, links, and a few more anecdotes. I won't put that version on www.aids-cure-now.com.

In the present version, the last chapter (no. 33), "Truckin', I'm Going Home" is done.

The book would appeal to Deadheads, because of the YouTube links to their concerts that I've embedded. Some of these haven't had many views yet, and would be considered to be rare shows.

I had no intention of writing this book. It started in September, 2017 as a comment on YouTube on an old Grateful Dead show that I attended as an undergraduate at Harpur College (SUNY Binghamton). The comment grew and grew, until I realized that I was writing a book late in that year.

I have written 3 Christian books: The More Excellent Way (1991, ISBN 1-879854-02-3), Mobilization for Evangelism (1995) , and Revelation Revealed (!999). All of these books are available on Amazon.com, and for a multi-book deal. As soon as I get done with Dr. Mitch, I'm planning to to revise and edit "The More Excellent Way" for re-publication.

I own all of the rights to all of these works.
Rights available:
I'm primarily interested in publishing Dr. Mitch as an e-book. The manuscript could serve as the basis for a screenplay for a movie or a TV series. For that kind of adaptation, you would a need director, actors to play me at various ages and to play the various people mentioned in my book. Somebody could do a musical, using a tribute band like the Dark Star Orchestra to impersonate the Grateful Dead, or simply to do their songs. Dark Star Orchestra has its own following. At some point in the creative prodess, some names, which are given in the manuscrript as they are or were, might need to be changed. All rights are available at this time.
Rights sold:
Nothing yet. It's a potential gold mine.
Other Information:
You can find the deliberately-unfinished .pdf at www.aids-cure-now.com

www.aids-cure-now.com is primarily about our patented herbal medicine that can completely cure HIV/AIDS in some people. Check out the site.

We're in discussions with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the University of Michigan about conducting a Phase 3 clinical trial of Maximum Immune Booster (the HIV/AIDS medicine). That part isn't in my book as currently written.
Mitchell Medina
Equatorial Research Ltd.
phone: 738430860
P.O. Box 665-00621, Village Market, Nairobi, 00621
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