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Edible Corpse
Feb. 21, 2018
Dr. Matt Wachsman, MD PhD
Non-fiction: Cooking
This is a book of about 100 chapters each of which is a new cooking METHODOLOGY (each of which could legitimately be its own book).
Dry ice as universal solvent to mix together literally anything: Egg yolk, butter, herbs to make pats of Hollandaise, capers and citrus peel to add to mayo, etc.
Pharmacology to make perfected sauces.
Novel uses of physics like convection grilling, grilled cookies, BEER PIZZA and,
Breaking cognitive categories to make new recipes (use of dessert items in entrees) and Use of cognitive methodologies like the 'exquisite corpse' game and applying them to new individualized recipes (hence the book's title).
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examples may be found at twitter feed #madskit
We are currently compiling instagram under Mad Scientist in the Kitchen and shooting about 50 5 minute humorous videos under the same name.
We have a collaboration with professional photographers, videographers, social media experts as well as the author who is an MD PhD in pharmacology and addiction.
Dr. Matt Wachsman
Serenity Health LLC
phone: 4106884832
fax: 8887201868
407 s. Union avenue, Havre de Grace, MD 21078
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