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Not Easy Being Android
Feb. 15, 2018
J.L. Salter
Digital: Fiction: General
In 2019, Pennie Lane has accepted a far-fetched, but high-paying, assignment to impersonate a sophisticated android prototype for one entire day. The floor model of the actual android has developed a last-minute glitch, but the billionaire buyer is still set to evaluate it. The problem: more glitches keep coming up by the minute (as does the disorderliness within the company, Delos Echo International). Pennie learns about the corporate sabotage taking place, as well as other possible breaches. Her fresh eyes are assessing not only the android, but also the Delos Echo employees, and Pennie thinks she knows which company insider is guilty, and she has ideas on what crimes may have been committed. After the first few hours pass, the MA/F-9.0 still isn't ready, and Pennie is told that she has to stall the wealthy buyer…no matter what it takes. Upon close inspection, Knox Knoll, the buyer, becomes suspicious that Pennie is more than just an android. Her acting abilities are not the best, and it doesn't help that Knox is the most handsome and masculine man she's ever been around. He's also demanding an intimate inspection of this female android's companionship mode…and he's not talking about her ability to play checkers. Can Pennie's performance convince the son of a wealthy industrialist to sink his family's fortune into this android manufacturing company? Or do Pennie and the buyer have different business to carry on? What will the buyer's reaction be when he finally sees the real android?
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Sheri Williams
TouchPoint Press
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