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Feb. 13, 2018
Phillip W Simpson
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Ten years ago, an alien spaceship appeared in Earth’s orbit. It is over 150km in diameter and apparently deserted although it appears to be self aware and has named itself Thanatos - Death
Since then, space agencies from around the world have tried to investigate the massive ship, lured by riches in the form of fantastic alien technology.
Despite the fact that the maze-like ship seems intent on killing anyone foolish enough to enter there’s no shortage of candidates eager to join the exclusive Scavenger list and achieve instant fame and fortune.
Alex and Brody are two such candidates, each with their own very different goals. As they journey deeper into the depths of the ship, they begin to suspect that Thanatos has another agenda: Survival of the human race.
If the youngest, brightest and hungriest humans can’t solve the maze the human race doesn’t deserve to survive.
And Thanatos’ masters are swiftly running out of patience.
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