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The Escaping Truth
Feb. 8, 2018
Anatoly Molotkov
Fiction: Debut
Jim is an insecure, unemployed young man with unwanted poetry quotes spinning in his mind. He wanders the streets one night when a neighbor’s beautifully lit porch beckons. Jim sits on the porch, observing the neighborhood and imagining the residents’ lives. So begins his love affair with porches – and their owners who end up discovering him. Among Jim’s new porch acquaintances are Omar and Mariama, a Senegalese couple dealing with the psychological repercussions of Mariama’s genital mutilation, and Rose, a cynical retiree with a penchant for alcohol. Some strangers meet Jim with a kind word, others with a shotgun. As Jim’s relationships unfold, he becomes overwhelmed by the tragedies of others and obsessed with figuring out the logic behind them until an unlucky porch encounter sends him to the hospital with head trauma. The Escaping Truth is a subtle investigation into the personal and political traumas that affect us, and the individual’s search for meaning and redemption.
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Born in Russia, Anatoly Molotkov moved to the US in 1990 and switched to writing in English in 1993. His poetry collection, The Catalog of Broken Things, came out in 2016 (Airlie Press). Published by Kenyon, Iowa, Cincinnati, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Bennington, Tampa, Raleigh, New Orleans, Cream City and Cider Press Reviews, Pif, Volt, Ruminate, 2 River, Sequestrum and many more, Molotkov is winner of various fiction and poetry contests and an Oregon Literary Fellowship. His translation of a Chekhov story was included by Knopf in their Everyman Series. He co-edits The Inflectionist Review. His website is AMolotkov.com.
Laura Strachan
Strachan Literary Agency
Annapolis, MD 21404
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