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Feb. 3, 2018
Cheng CHEN
Children's: Picture book
This is an adventure journey of "Rock" a small stone. Since born in a pool, Rock has got bored at the ordinary, no-change days, admiring his friends around could exploit the outside world in growing-up. When the bud grows up into a tall tree, he can see the far horizons. When the tadpole transforms into the fog, he could jump at the lands and leaves. Even his best friend, the water, accompanying with him mostly, can catch the break to have some play outside when the heavy rains help spread the pool... But for Rock, he still remains same and has to fix there.
One night, a magician passes by. Rock is surprised to witness the magician transmits a snake into a zebra by a magic potion. So Rock asks the magician’s favor to help him realize his wishes. The magician agrees to help but gives him only eight drops of the magic potion. Rock is so excited and sets out shortly. Along his journey, he becomes water, fire, storm, castle, mouse, cat and dog in the subsequent courses. But Rock the Dog is captured by the butcher. He struggles to survive but injured badly into death. The adventure out of the pool flashes in Rock's brain. Rock recalls the magician’s advice for him, "No perfect in this world", and he drinks up the last magic potion. In the last chance, he decides to revert back into his original form, a small, plain stone.
In the simple style of Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece, Adventure of a Small Stone is a self-publish gift book about the struggles to look for the change and the perfect, but in the end gain the harmony and peace with its nature.
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Cheng CHEN, born in 1983 at Yichang, Hubei Provine, China, graduated in 2005 from Xi'an Scientific & Technological Institution, major at the industrial design. Now he is a freelance graphic designer located in Beijing. In 2015, he opened his own restaurant "Morning" in Beijing staring his hometown breakfast cuisines. Adventure of a Small Stone is his debut.
Hongyan Wu
One Piece Agency
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