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The Sleuthing Adventures of Tennessee Muffcat Mansker: The Voices
Jan. 31, 2018
L.A. Stephens
Digital: Fiction: General
Just below the cornfields of Kentucky, in the small, quirky town of Parrotville, Tennessee, a deranged murderer is on a killing spree. Local women are being savagely slain, their bodies exposing postmortem mutilation which indicates the killer's perverse interest in Charles Manson mixed with his deadly passion for Shakespearian poetry. Parrotsville's good ole boy police department only has one detective who has ever worked a serial homicide investigation. While the town is paralyzed with fear, the local mortician, working overtime, is resurrecting old demons of her own. Muffcat Mansker is no ordinary mortician. Vivacious and always fashionable, she's no stranger to the rumor mill. The subject of scandalous gossip, affairs, and financial troubles, she's also juggling paranormal premonitions and haunting voices from the other side. Divorced, widowed, and struggling to make sense of a onslaught of returning voices that have plagued her since the tender age of three, Muffcat finds herself at the center of the serial homicide investigation. If she does not face her fears, and learn how to refine her gift, more women (and possibly she herself) could fall victim to the slayings.
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