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The Consort Conspiracy
Jan. 31, 2018
Kaye D. Schmitz
Digital: Fiction: General
For almost two hundred years an ancient cemetery, deep in the lowlands of Georgia, has protected the identity of an infamous, brutal murderer whose act of betrayal changed the course of the town's history. Now, eight generations later, Midway Cemetery conceals the activities of international conspirators engaged in a fast-moving counterfeiting ring operating right under the noses of the slow-paced Midway residents. Thirty-one-year old Kate Covington travels to Midway to film a documentary intended to increase the favorability ratings for the current United States President, Wilford Pennington, who was born in Midway and descended from the murdered victim from two hundred years earlier. As she becomes enthralled with the town's history, Kate uncovered the truth about the murder of the President's ancestor. Her discovery also leads to her learning the truth behind her own mother's death and eventually changes not only the town's history, but Kate's future as well.
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Sheri Williams
TouchPoint Press
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