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Abigail Accused: A Story of the Salem Witch Hunt
Jan. 31, 2018
Juliet Mofford
Digital: Fiction: General
Abigail Dane Faulkner, daughter of the town's respected minister, was convicted of witchcraft in 1692 and condemned to die. Her story is based on eye-witness accounts and 17th century documents. How did the people of the Massachusetts Bay Colony become victims of the fear and religious fanaticism that led to the arrests of nearly 200 citizens and the executions of countless innocents? Why did Abigail's own family - her own daughters - testify against her? Abigail Accused is the historical revelation of how one wife and mother, alongside her minister father, fought bigotry and helped bring an end to the deadly witch hunts. Petitions by father and daughter are landmark documents of free speech and remind us all of the ongoing struggle for human rights.
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