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Size Matters
Jan. 31, 2018
J.L. Salter
Digital: Fiction: General
Emma Hobby mistakenly takes a pill from a bottle mailed to her by her eccentric/brilliant cousin - and it reduces her to eleven inches tall. Now she's eye-to-eye with the Cyndi dolls she collects and sells in her shop. Nobody - not even her best friend - believes her, so Emma takes another pill to see if it happens again. It DOES! This time she has a witness (Vickilee), who records things as they happen...and establishes a partial timetable. Now that she thinks she knows what happens and when, can Emma use these pills somehow to help rescue her cousin? And will that handsome attorney she's almost dating help her efforts? Or will Logan Stride just get in her way?
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Sheri Williams
TouchPoint Press
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