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Death Postponed
Jan. 31, 2018
Gustaf Berger
Digital: Fiction: General
When Ted wakes up with his girlfriend du jour on the morning of 9/11, having missed his appointment in the World Trade Center Towers, he turns on the TV and, seeing the mayhem, calls his business partner to let him know he's still alive. His partner reminds him of their five-million dollar life insurance policy and suggests he stay dead. Twelve years later, Jordan, a young journalist, hears about the two men who benefitted from the 9/11 disaster, and she pursues them to expose and bring them to justice; her father was one of the firemen who disappeared into Towers, never to be seen again. Her quest leads her from one offbeat character to another until she reaches the eccentric Leonard Legasse, Ted's best friend, who agrees to tell her the whole story. But does he? Danger lurks, yet the intrepid Jordan persists, even when her family becomes the target of an unscrupulous mobster.
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Sheri Williams
TouchPoint Press
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