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Prey for the Pastor
Jan. 31, 2018
Charles Hood
Digital: Non-fiction: General
A true and chilling story of a young woman forced to live a traumatic life of rape and faith at the hands of small-town, middle-aged pastor. The pastor saw Sandra as an answer to his prayers and seized the opportunity to befriend, capture, and imprison this young teenage girl. For him it was the start of an exciting new life and a very rewarding career, one he had long-since envisioned and planned. For Sandra, her new life became one wrapped in constant terror, degradation, and secrecy that would last more than twenty years. Despite living in the same home as the pastor and his wife, Sandra had unwittingly become the sex prisoner and baby-making business partner who would enable the pastor to elevate his popularity within his church and community, as well as allow him to enhance his lifestyle by selling their future offspring to families seeking children to adopt.
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