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Mary Edwards Walker: The Woman behind the Medal
Jan. 29, 2018
Ammar Habib
Non-fiction: Biography
In the history of America, only one woman has ever received the Congressional Medal of Honor: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker.

However, Mary’s life was more than just a medal. Not only was Mary a leading suffragist, the first female surgeon to serve in the United States Army, and an advocate of woman’s dress reform, she was a woman who put the life of others before hers. She sacrificed her personal happiness, her comforts, and her reputation in order to fight for the ideals she believed in, both during and after her service in the American Civil War. Mary was a nonconformist in every way, refusing to bow down to society’s establishments. When society towered above her, demanding her to surrender, Mary planted herself like a tree and refused to be moved. Mary’s life is a testament to the idea of selflessness. Today, many Americans, especially working women, stand on the shoulders of Mary’s untold and astonishing story.

Many different audiences will find Mary’s story of nonconformity to be inspiring, especially in today’s current political climate. Due to Mary’s struggle for woman’s right and her progressive views, Mary’s story does not only appeal to millenials, working women, and supporters of woman’s equality, but will also resonate with many Americans of different backgrounds. There are only a handful of published works available through retailers that are dedicated to Mary’s entire life. Most of the public remains unfamiliar to her name, therefore making her life a largely untapped topic for readership.

Mary Edwards Walker: The Woman Behind the Medal by Ammar Habib attempts to do more than simply delve into Dr. Walker’s military career. Instead, this book looks into all aspects of her life, attempting to understand her at a deeper level. Ammar seeks to discover where Mary gained the inspiration and courage to be so forward thinking for her time, a thought process that allowed her to pave the way for future women. Attempting to understand Mary at a more fundamental level allows Ammar’s book to be more of a character study rather than a simple, high-level biography, and this is something that almost no other current published works attempts to do in regards to Mary’s life.
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Ammar Habib's writing background is that he is an award-winning author based out of Lake Jackson, Texas. For the writing of this book, Ammar utilized a variety of sources and references. Some of his secondary sources are articles and brief biographies written about Dr. Mary Walker’s life by historians or journalists. However, many of his sources are primary references, such as writings about Dr. Walker by her contemporaries, transcripts of dialogue between Dr. Walker and others, and writings authored by Dr. Walker herself. Research for this project was assisted by Professor Carrie Pritchett. Carrie is a history professor who has taught at several colleges, currently teaching History at Brazosport College.
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