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May 19, 2018
Carmen Radtke
Fiction: General/Other
Jimmy Kokere has it all - a woman he loves and an invitation to move to Melbourne to join her and her family and begin their lives together. Then, he is diagnosed with leprosy and convinces a nurse to send a letter to his love informing her of his death. But in 1909, to the sheer amazement of his doctor, Jimmy is declared cured of leprosy and allowed to leave the leper colony on Quail Island off the coast of Lyttleton in New Zealand and return to civilization. The loneliness and shame surrounding the stigmatized disease prove too much for him, and Jimmy heads back to Quail Island, convincing his doctor to let him help care for the other lepers. Over time, he begins an unlikely friendship with the island caretaker’s wife, and when she decides to leave the island and her marriage to start anew Jimmy must decide if he’s willing to risk his cloistered existence for another chance of happiness in the outside world.
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Carmen Radtke's first novel, a historical mystery, The Case of the Missing Bride, was published in September 2017 by Bloodhound Books in the UK.
Nadine Rubin Nathan
High Spot Literary
phone: +64 277705755
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