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Jan. 19, 2018
Nate Solder
Children's: Picture book
New England Patriot NFL player Nate Solder wants to partner with a publisher on his passion project to help children with cancer (and their families). Nate's toddler son has cancer and he wants to help other children through a picture book project.

HUDSON'S HOSPITAL BAND brings together four children from different backgrounds and a therapy dog named Zeus, who take solace in the music therapy room at the hospital. The kids have only one goal: to get through their song so Hudson can get his drum solo before Nurse Philomena plucks one of them out for treatment. They're going to need Zeus's help. What the kids don't realize is Nurse Philomena isn't mean, she just has to keep everyone on schedule, and she plays in a rock band herself after work.

We are looking for publishing options so Nate can get his passion project published. Nate doesn't want to move too far away from the "why" of his project, but understands there may be different ways to accomplish his goal, including a different angle or concept for the book.

Nate's son Hudson's story was just featured on Sports Illustrated and CBS Evening News. Nate may be on the The Today Show next week and is up for the Walter Payton "Man of the Year" Award.

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