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Love is Complicated: A Memoir of Healing
May 4, 2018
Marlena Fiol
Non-fiction: Memoir
From the agent: While attending the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland recently, I had the privilege to present workshops and meet writers. I was also asked to be a judge in an evening of quick pitches by writers and assigned to provide some “American Idol” style instant feedback. I’ve never done that before and it was eye opening how good, in general, these non-fiction elevator-style presentations were.

The very first person to stand up was Marlena Fiol. She holds a PhD, is a globally recognized author, scholar, and speaker based out of Eugene.
I’m paraphrasing a bit but this is what she said:

I grew up on a leprosy compound in a Low-German Mennonite community in Paraguay, South America. Love is Complicated: A Memoir of Healing portrays my longing to be part of the powerful parental, cultural and religious tribes that controlled my life and at the same time to escape their hold over me. My heroic yet abusive father, his revolutionary leprosy work and the Mennonite church that was his bedrock all represented powerful forces that pulled me in and also repelled me. In the end, I found healing in the gradual recognition of both my own and my dad’s brokenness and imperfections. Love is Complicated is a completed 65,626-word memoir that reveals what it means to be deeply scarred and imperfect, only to discover that transformation and redemption often exist in the most broken parts of ourselves.

I was impressed by this and by her. We met later at the conference and I now represent this terrific project. Would you like to see the proposal or read the manuscript?
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Proposal and manuscript available. Read more about this fabulous author: Website: marlenafiol.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authormarlenafiol/
Robert Mackwood
Seventh Avenue Literary Agency
2052-124 Street, South Surrey, BC V4A 9K3
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