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The Late Bloomer
Jan. 12, 2018
Mark Falkin
Fiction: Horror
THE STAND meets THIRTEEN REASONS WHY in this young adult thriller. Imagine if the world’s grownups were suddenly wiped out by a bizarre outbreak, leaving behind a mad race of children controlled by a shadowy superintelligence.

Opposing this threat are the late bloomers — teenagers who have yet to hit puberty. Their advanced age renders them immune to the control of the aforementioned superintelligence, but because they’re still biologically kids, they’re spared the ravages of the outbreak. Or so they think.

The book itself is the transcript of a recording made by one of those late bloomers, a borderline-burnout high-schooler named Kevin March. Kevin’s about to get kicked out of the marching band for smoking pot when the apocalypse hits. Kevin's bright, wise beyond his years, and he just might be meant for something big in the new world order — if he can survive it.

Going on the run to find his little brother, Kevin teams up with his biggest crush, Kodie, and his best friend, Bass. The trio strike out across Texas in search of food, shelter, and answers. Together they explore a nightmarish landscape that’s got shades of Lovecraft, Salinger, and even a bit of Mark Twain. THE LATE BLOOMER occupies a rich thematic sweetspot situated between THE LORD OF THE FLIES and THE ROAD, all of it told in Kevin’s unforgettable voice.
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