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Jan. 11, 2018
Larry J. Duthie
Non-fiction: Memoir
The engrossing and poignant story of a former Navy combat pilot whose life began to unravel until he learned how to cry.

Larry Duthie, who was shot down in Vietnam, bottled up his emotions as his buddies were killed one after another. Nearly 20 years later, he was suddenly seized by a dysfunctional anger that threatened to destroy his happy marriage and productive life. Only after he learned to cry again was he able to save himself.
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CHILDPLAY is the name of the ship from which the author and his crewmates flew their combat missions. After leaving the military, the author worked as a newspaper publisher for 40 years.

The manuscript is complete at nearly 80,000 words. Both the manuscript and a chapter outline are available upon request.
Robert Wilson
Wilson Media
P.O. Box 7027, Clearwater, FL 33758
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