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The Lights Between Tunnels
Jan. 11, 2018
Shawn Wichert
Fiction: Debut
What do a comedy podcast about death, time dilation, Billy Joel, Harry Potter, and the Lascaux cave paintings have in common? They are all part of the Beckett Scholarship Competition. Jennifer Beckett, a wealthy alumni of Harrington High School, returns to her alma mater to introduce a new scholarship of $500,000 toward any educational endeavors. Each phase of the competition includes a clue leading to the location of a task or information about the task itself. Alex, Peyton, and Cameron, three best friends with complex backgrounds, decide to enter, assuming the competition will be a fun, safe experience. They didn't realize the extreme measures some people would take to win the scholarship. At least not until their lives' were at risk.

All the negativity of the world bares down on Alex, whose gender stays in question throughout the story. The competition is just another example of the world gone bad. Fortunately, Peyton Brooks has a quick wit, laced with profanity, to lift the group’s spirits. Cameron provides a neutral balance for the group while harboring a long-lasting love for one of his friends. Their conversations, knowing no bounds, offer the joy and laughter needed to tolerate life’s troubles. And tolerating life is one of Alex’s primary struggles.
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Shawn Wichert
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