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By the Forces of Gravity: An Illustrated Memoir
Apr. 18, 2018
Rebecca Fish Ewan
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Rebecca Fish Ewan’s coming-of-age memoir is told through drawings and free verse. Set in 1970s Berkeley, California, By the Forces of Gravity reflects on a childhood friendship cut short by tragedy. In an era of laissez-faire parenting, Rebecca drops out of elementary school and takes up residence in a kids commune—no parents allowed!—and we follow her, bestie Luna, and their hippie cohorts as they search for love, acceptance, and cosmic truths. Full of adventure and heartache, By the Forces of Gravity promises to pull you in. Of note: The mystical and larger-than-life Luna was the daughter of Robert Anton Wilson, cult author of Cosmic Trigger, The Illuminatus! trilogy and other works.
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Release forthcoming. (June 2018)
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