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Dec. 13, 2017
Eli Celata
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Jess discovers her shadow is alive when she witnesses it being attacked. After escaping when her shadow tosses her stones through the shower spray, she learns her shadow is alive and not hers. He's an Aisling of the second dimension who killed the Aisling originally her original guardian. At his behest, Jess steals a satchel and heads to a point where the core world and second dimen-sion overlap. However, after she makes her way there, the box intended to contain the stones fails, and Jess’s dragged through a portal into the second dimension while the stones are tossed throughout the second through the eighth. Jess and the Aisling, given the name Kilpeni, fight against their dislike of one another in order to work together and prevent the leech-like residents of the eighth dimension from breaking through to the core. With each stone, Jess grows and learns to forgive Kilpeni for the murder that brought him into her life. Their love presents a twisted reflection of the story of Narcissus which both recognize, but for every reason they shouldn't be together, they find more that draws them to each other like moths to a flame. Add in an interfering omnipotent being in charge of overseeing their progress who communicates through branded telegrams, and this pair of star-crossed lovers are doomed to be together forever yet worlds apart.
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Stephanie Taylor
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