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Cancer was a Blessing: How to Have Faith When There is No Hope
Dec. 10, 2017
David Octavio Gandell
Non-fiction: Memoir
Cancer was a Blessing: How to Have Faith When There is No Hope by two-time cancer survivor David Octavio Gandell is the book to inspire millions.

For the past ten years, David Octavio Gandell has dedicated his life to sharing GOD’S STORY with others. David’s remarkable journey to death’s door and back has been featured in approximately twenty publications, many of them making him the lead cover story. He has also shared his inspiring testimony by speaking at numerous national fitness shows, modeling events, schools, churches, seminars, gala’s, and countless Cancer events. David has been featured on television in many Latin American television stations and has an open invitation to come back to them to promote his book. David’s remarkable “My God Story” has also been featured by Active Word Ministry, Nation Wide, Fox, ABC, and the Steve Harvey Show on NBC, among regional and local television shows. Cancer was a Blessing will take you on a mental and physical journey of being diagnosed with Cancer not once but twice, losing almost 60 pounds in three weeks. But more importantly it will take you on a spiritual journey in which David’s relationship with GOD grew to a deeper level than he ever thought possible during the multiple battles.

David Octavio Gandell’s testimony, or, as he refers to it, “God’s Story” depicts and expounds upon the miracle that is his salvation. Cancer was a Blessing will feature a chronicle of David’s experience first, as a cancer patient, then as a two-time cancer survivor. No detail is spared as David poignantly recounts all that he lost, and how he was ultimately saved and restored to health by his unwavering faith and that he would live on. Encompassing a period of almost four years, the book will follow David’s harrowing journey beginning with his 29 years of perfect health, moving through a harrowing time of near death and immense personal loss, and culminating in the jaw-dropping, against-all-odds survival and restoration to health.

David’s book commemorates a young person’s battle against a seemingly invincible foe and invites the reader to share the journey and enter his world as he bravely fights for his life in defiance of every doctor, every friend, every family member who tells him he is insane to think he will survive. Rejoice with David as he triumphs over an incurable disease and fights his way back from a death sentence that left him with only three days to live. Read and you will watch in awe as he defies the odds, refutes every dire prognosis, and places his entire existence in divine hands as his body is left ravaged by a virulent disease while his hope and faith remain not only intact, but absolutely unshakeable. As a two-time survivor of a type of cancer believed to be terminal, David’s inspirational life story makes him relatable and empathetic. Of course, the story itself is what is most life altering. David didn’t merely survive cancer & go on to live an unassuming life of anonymity and mediocrity. He utilized the opportunity to realign his existence so that he might live his life to its fullest potential.

The message of this book is for everyone to find Hope, Faith, and their Purpose. Cancer is the instrument used in this book, yet it will help anyone and everyone with any challenge, they are facing. It will answer the thought-provoking questions: Why me? How can a deadly diagnosis or the impossible lead to finding your purpose, confirming your meaning and existence? Cancer was a Blessing will become a voice to lift the spirits of those who have given up on life and their dreams. This book will change lives by inspiring those who have stopped dreaming. Further benefits Cancer was a Blessing will bring to readers everywhere:

This book will start a fire that has been dormant for years.
This book will get people to get off the hamster wheel and go out into the world.
This book will define the word insanity as a common term of just not living life to the fullest.
This book will make you think of two lives, the one you are living and the one you are meant to LIVE.
This book will RENEW your relationship with God.
This book will teach you about Forgiveness.
This book will bring families together.
This book will define unconditional love.
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