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Career Dropout: Drop the Career for the Dream
Dec. 10, 2017
Kanika Tolver
Non-fiction: Advice/Relationships
Roz Savage was a woman who had a charmed life: decent job, nice home, and a little red sports car. Fast forward to five years later: she was homeless, jobless, and replacing her little red sports car with a tiny rowboat smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The best part? Ms. Savage described herself as “never happier.” Ms. Savage proved through accomplishing her goal of rowing across three separate oceans (Atlantic, Pacific and Indian), that nothing is impossible for someone who has enough guts and determination to see their dreams fulfilled.

Similar to the inspirational story of Roz Savage, Career Dropout: Drop the Career for the Dream tells the story of Kanika Tolver, a successful IT professional with great career accomplishments who overcame her fear to pursue her passion. The book chronicles Mrs. Tolver’s journey over the course of fifteen years of working for the Federal Government as well as private industry to become a corporate rebel. Mrs. Tolver explains how she became a fearless "career dropout" who resigned from her cushy Federal Government job and making six figures to follow her passion of being a Professional Career Coach, Photographer, Author, Speaker and IT Business Leader.

Career Dropout will equip people with strategies to overcome fear and develop faith to pursue their dreams and change careers as part of the overall plan. This book will motivate people by saving them time working jobs they hate and help readers learn how to define, brand, market and sell their personal/business brand while working toward the goal of becoming successful career dropouts. Finally, Mrs. Tolver will provide the readers with new ways to view life. She will show them how to establish a quality and purpose-driven life for their dreams and for their families. Career dropouts dream big, work smart, and hustle strategically.

Solutions being offered to readers of Career Dropout include how to:

Develop a unique career brand.
Apply to companies and organizations where you can develop your career brand and career skills.
Create an online brand presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, where people can separate you from other career professionals.
Market an authentic career brand.
Work non-traditional jobs where you can sell your talents and learn business ownership skills.
Sell your brand-offering expertise and skills.
Now that you’ve had a slice of life “outside the matrix,” determine the trajectory for the rest of your working life and execute!
Create a business where you can sell your expertise through products and services.
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