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Jane Is Everywhere
Nov. 28, 2017
Crystal Jo Reiss
Fiction: General/Other
U.S. Pub. Date: February 17, 2018
(Window Seat Press/www.windowseatpress.com)

This is the story of every Jane Doe who
disappeared. This is what happens when
anyone can be everywhere at once.

When something terrible happens to Jane’s ex-boyfriend Ben, and she
must face his father, Rudy, her life—already a shambles—disintegrates.

In this quasi-allegorical novel about the search for refuge in one’s own
country everywhere begins in the mid-1990s as Jane initiates the journey
that will take her from New York to Seattle and beyond. As she struggles
to stay afloat, butting heads with her best friend and an ever-growing list
of roommates, Jane blunders into a cast of unforgettable characters that
give and take and leave her with more questions than answers as she
wonders how she can regain the home she has lost for good.

During the twenty years depicted, Jane’s “reverse migration” becomes
a search for stability and roots that leaves her questioning her ability
to choose well. Part adventure, part satire, part sociological drama,
Jane Is Everywhere explores how a person enmeshed in grief during a
time of lattes, laptops, and unanswered phone calls migrates towards
an idealized world. Ultimately, the novel looks at the nature of growing
up into a “web,” both the World Wide Web and the more ephemeral web
that is spun by the mind.
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