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Not When I Wanted It So Much
Nov. 8, 2017
Jennifer Greidus
Fiction: Debut
Daniel, a brazen, well-liked high school senior, has pursued his English teacher, Mr. Stewart, since the year began. When the two begin an affair, Daniel’s misplaced desire for attention and love finds him the victim of a violent narcissist whose startling insistence on obedience and allegiance escalates by the day. As Daniel struggles to free himself from the harrowing, emotionally and physically abusive relationship, his only solace is Jesse, a laid-back, questioning drug dealer, who captures Daniel’s hesitant heart after a series of passionate encounters. Mr. Stewart uses his position of power—as well as blackmail—to drive the two boys apart, and Daniel’s choices will determine the fate of all three of their lives.
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Can be marketed as YA, New Adult, or Adult fiction. Jennifer Greidus' prose and poetry have appeared in Pithead Chapel, Eclectica, Two Hawks Quarterly, and more
Laura Strachan
Strachan Literary Agency
Annapolis, MD 21404
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