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Nov. 9, 2017
Phyllis Watt Wilson
Fiction: Women's/Romance
A novel of historical women’s fiction set in a mountain spa resort where German, Italian, and Japanese diplomats are being detained in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

With a mixture of romance, espionage, and a gossipy Downton Abbey-like flavor, GREENBRIER draws on the strange, true-life story of enemy civilians enjoying the luxuries of the Greenbrier Hotel, then and now one of the swankest spa resorts in America, even as the world outside was burning.
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When German nanny Anna Schumann is taken from Washington DC, she finds herself at a posh spa resort in the mountains of West Virginia. There, hundreds of Axis diplomats and their servants are to be kept while awaiting repatriation to their home countries. Bombs are dropping back home, but the Axis citizens are living in style, where even foreign chambermaids and nannies get room service and their covers turned down at night.

Thrust into this world of unexpected luxury, Anna soon falls in love with an American bellhop, unaware that the young man speaks fluent German and is spying for the FBI. Meanwhile, the overwrought wife of a German attaché begins an affair with an Italian diplomat, a Gestapo agent threatens disloyal elements within the German community, and a murder throws the entire resort into turmoil.
Michael Carr
Veritas Literary Agency
601 Van Ness Avenue, Opera Plaza suite E, San Francisco, CA 94102
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