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When The Skies Fall
Nov. 3, 2017
Adam Korenman
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Spirited military sci-fi in the vein of Battlestar Galactica, with a Joss Whedon vibe. With an alien doomsday device headed toward a human colony, the soldiers and pilots of the Terran Federate race to defend the line. But the alliance with the Nangolani is failing, and the Boxti are simply too powerful. The only hope lays with Josh and his untested team of super-soldiers. Part of a six-book series.
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"Adam Korenman's When the Skies Fall is a veritable all you can eat buffet laid out for readers who hunger for gritty, realistic military science fiction. This book has it all. There are vividly-drawn characters you hate, ones you love, and, best of all, the ones you love to hate. Then, there are the warriors' hard charging grunts who kill the bad guys (human or alien) close enough to get hit with the high-velocity blood splatter, and the fleet warriors who do their killing from ships at a distance. And, let's not forget the leaders: admirals, chancellors, revolutionaries, and just about anyone else who gives the orders.

"He also creates believable alien races who do believable things for believable reasons. I was especially drawn to the portrayal of the Boxti and their allies.

"Add to all of this Korenman's own military experience, which lends an authentic, gritty verisimilitude to the whole work, especially in the banter, camaraderie, and sense of shared danger of real warriors facing a real enemy who really wants to kill them. This experience makes all of the combat, with weapons familiar to the modern reader as well as with those from our future or that are products of alien technology, totally believable and exciting.

"Korenman also performs a splendid juggling act, tossing a dozen story lines in the air and keeping them moving forward without missing a beat, eventually bringing them together for an astonishing climax that caught even me by surprise. These stories draw the reader along from one page to the next, almost breathlessly. Read this book. You won't be sorry. I'm already itching to read the sequel."

—H. Paul Honsinger, Author of the Man of War bestselling military science fiction series

"Adam Korenman takes the reader through a time warp in a cracking military adventure three centuries from the present. He smoothly blends future technologies with lively, no-nonsense characters that carry the action in compelling runs of futuristic dialogue. His blend of science fiction and military protocol is effortless and authoritative."

—Dick Couch, author of The Warrior Elite and The Finishing School

"For those who are still lamenting the loss of Battlestar Galactica, or maybe even Space Above and Beyond, they need look no further than Korenman's When the Skies Fall. This is military space opera at its best. Korenman has created a universe that is epic in scope filled it with plenty of action and political intrigue and still managed to populated it with characters you believe and care about.

—Richard Brewer, Author and Editor, Occupied Earth, Meeting Across the River


"A tremendously ambitious first novel, a galaxy-spanning tale of hard science fiction that tackles interplanetary diplomacy, [and] the realities of combat in the vacuum of space."

—Scott Tipton, New York Times bestselling author

"When the Stars Fade captures the human dimension of warfare. Invasions, insurgency, devastation, and an incongruous war game hold a mirror up to our Republic's experience over the last decade. It calls to mind Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October and is a sound addition to any professional development library."

—Lt. Col. Mark Johnston, US Army Reserve

"Korenman is adept at engaging the reader in action across the continuum of future war from the fleet actions of maneuvering battle groups and fighter formations to the small unit tactics of planetside soldiers. But where Stars truly comes into its own is with boots on the ground, where Korenman, with each lavishly detailed, well-crafted scene, reminds us again and again that now and in the far future, victories are won by individual men and women taking the fight to the enemy. The characters here are crisp and no-nonsense, and ex-military readers will smile at the authentic radio banter they trade on the tactical net, apparently in Korenman's future, some things never change."

—Cmdr. Paul Wynns, US Navy Reserve (retired) Pilot, S-3B Viking

"Adam Korenman is a compelling new voice in military science fiction. His prose puts you right in the cockpit, on the bridge, and behind a rifle on the ground with such authenticity you can almost taste the salt in the jargon."

—Chris Herschel, Owner and Game Designer, Trial By Fire Games

“When the Stars Fade is an immense tale of epic proportions that hits upon many of the most beloved aspects of great sci-fi. I think that When the Stars Fade will become one of those sci-fi stories that fans love and discuss long after the final pages have been turned. Korenman’s vision will connect with anyone who loves space battles, alien encounters, dicey science experiments, and political intrigue. If you haven’t given it a try, I highly recommend it. You may just find a new favorite tale to stretch your imagination. (Five stars.)”

—Jodi Scaife, Fanbase Press
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