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Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder: An Experiential Book/Workbook for Healing Your Tired Mind and Body
Oct. 24, 2017
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Non-fiction: How-To
This is not a diet book, but an experiential therapy book/workbook including high-level nutrition, mindful awareness, interactive self-hypnosis, imaginology and NLP. As the reader turns the pages, lifestyle changes are placed directly into the subconscious mind while erasing those unhealthy habits that can lead to serious illness including obesity.
Written by an RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist with over thirty years’ experience, the reader will find herself understanding the underpinnings of addictions, disorderly eating, the high desire for sugar and refined carbohydrates that lead to killer stress, emotional imbalance, anxiety, and fatigue. The author takes the reader down the road where unhealthy and disorderly behaviors began, often decades ago, providing the opportunity to “clean and clear” through hypnotic suggestion.
Now that the way is clear, the reader can see what is possible and plant those images. Once the mind and body are introduced to “high level nutrition and performance,” goals only dreamed about are gifted with energy and space to develop into reality. As the pages turn, the reader is introduced to one’s Higher Self, the Therapeutic Self, the Imbalanced Self, the Child-Self and learns how they interact with thoughts and emotions, either blocking or helping as life moves along, for time does not stand still.
Make no mistake. We are a nation of people in deep trouble, and you now have the choice not to join these negative statistics. Stress-related diseases fill doctor’s offices, only to be told there is nothing wrong, but perhaps to change some lifestyle behaviors before it is “too late.” Often as not, patients are prescribed medications to manage symptoms caused by stress. But here is the irony. The behaviors that need to be changed are usually those utilized to manage stress such as sugar, food, alcohol, smoking, and medications prescribed by the very same MD’s. The question is how to wake up and change before the cost is too great.
This experiential book will provide and embed those answers directly into the subconscious mind. The book/workbook closes with a 40-day plan for change, bringing all of the book's suggestions into an organized plan leading to the highest results for permanent lifestyle change
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Book completed and published on Amazon/Kindle. Book does have Interactive Self-Hypnosis mp3's available, but not included at this time.
Elizabeth Bohorquez
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