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The Singer/Songwriter's Pocket Marketing Guide
Oct. 18, 2017
Paul Spencer Alexander
Non-fiction: How-To
This book is perfect for anyone wishing to start a music or songwriting career, regardless of age.

We are representing Paul Spencer Alexander, author of The Singer/Songwriter’s Pocket Marketing Mate.

Paul Spencer Alexander harnesses his work as an award-winning singer/songwriter and filmmaker, as well as his years counseling and teaching, to create a handbook exclusively for singer/songwriters and musicians, streamlining the process of obtaining success with a songwriting or music career from start to finish. Paul’s main goal is to empower other musicians, songwriters, and artists with the knowledge they need to run their own careers in the smartest way possible, and on their own terms.
Paul provides an up-to-date, full-scale approach to success, reaching into every area of life that all singer/songwriters and creative talent should master in order to stay many steps ahead of the pack. The secret lies in automating your entire physical world to work for your benefit, and not the other way around.
Automation is the premise for this publication. It is a philosophy for our fast-paced, technological age and is the reason this book was created. Singer/songwriters and musicians are at an advantage these days with quick electronic promotion. Readers will learn all the intricate secrets of how to take advantage of this world of automation. There is a simple, step-by-step plan of implementation for succeeding in music, in life, and in finances. Those who learn these strategies will undoubtedly get the edge over those who do not. This book is perfect for anyone wishing to start a music or songwriting career, regardless of age.
Illustrations will be examples of good publishing contracts and bad ones, a timeline for success, and examples of good and bad licensing deals, etc. This two-part section of graphical materials were originally placed at the end of the book, separated by brief, introductory and congratulatory statements of completion, some additional knowledge, and fully detailed instructions for completing each part of the two-part section. The graphical materials have been intentionally left out of the manuscript due to the weight of the intricate designs and to provide easy, email transmission to you.

Paul Spencer Alexander started working in the music industry with an internship at a Boston-based record label, followed by a marketing position and promotion to the Board of Director's at the University of Miami (FL) School of Music's Record Label, Cane' Records, where he also attended the university. Following a degree in broadcasting with a supplemental major in English Literature & Creative Writing, Paul headed back to the northeast (where he was born), finding success in Manhattan with music publishing, song placements for film in Los Angeles, first place national performance competition awards, and album releases.
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