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Catesby's Holy War
Oct. 16, 2017
John Sealey and Ric Gannon
Non-fiction: History/Politics/Current Affairs
The book relates the story in a dramatized form bringing the characters to life involved in a plot conceived and implemented by a group of religious fanatics, led not by Guy Fawkes, as everyone seems to believe, but by Robert Catesby, a charismatic but wild young man from a privileged background, the Bin Laden of his time. Catesby had become embittered by an earlier brush with authority, and gradually became committed to extreme forms of violence to achieve his ends. Impressed by the force of his personality, a small group of malcontents were gradually drawn into the plot, who became equally dedicated to violence as a way forward. The group saw themselves as religious warriors in the forefront of a battle for religious supremacy, and for whom the slaughter of at least a thousand people in one explosive strike was a just cause. To that end they assembled over three tons of gunpowder packed into 36 barrels in a cellar under the House of Lords and were less than ten hours away from carrying out their deadly mission when the plot was foiled, thereby just averting a “ground zero” in London where research has shown the devastation would have spread over a three mile area.
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