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Oct. 16, 2017
Pete McKenna
Non-fiction: Biography
Throughout the 1960's America was a troubled country torn apart by internal political and social strife, but for Britain it was a truly fabulous decade that changed the traditional social fabric of the country forever. TINSELTOWN is my personal memoir of growing up in Blackpool in the 60's and beyond. From the original Mods who laid the foundation stone for all future youth cultures, to Concorde flying across the Atlantic in three hours, Britain was a world leader in fashion, automotive and aeronautical design and engineering and much more - and we even won the World Cup. It was a time when we were genuinely proud to be British for all the right reasons, before such a sentiment became frowned upon. Whoever said that if you remember the 60's then you weren't there is wrong, because I do remember everything. I mean, how could I not?
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