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Plus One
Oct. 11, 2017
Vanessa Raphaely
Fiction: New Adult
Claudia Hemmingway is a British film star on the verge of a global breakthrough. Her best friend, glossy magazine editor, Lisa Lassiter is her “plus one” for all the VIP sections as well as the best parties and dinners with royalty, the famous and the powerful. On the surface, they are living their dreams.
But both women are running away from their pasts. Claudia's confident and charming exterior hides a childhood of abuse and neglect. The only person she trusts is her step-brother-turned-agent Liam Harris, who has always protected and looked after her. Lisa, meanwhile, has fled small-time South Africa leaving the complicated politics of her homeland and her racist family behind her.
When they are invited onto a billionaire’s yacht moored off the party island of Mykonos, with Robert Morton, one of Hollywood’s most famous and powerful men, Lisa fears for Claudia’s safety. Years before, Lisa had been blocked from publishing an expose of a young singer who accused Morton of raping her. But ambitious, Hollywood-bound Claudia ignores Lisa's warnings, knowing that Morton's support would be invaluable to her dreams of stardom.
On the yacht, Claudia is drawn closer and closer to dark and dangerous Morton. In the dark, during a storm, she is subjected to a humiliating and terrifying sexual assault. The next morning, the Hollywood heavyweight's body is fished from the ocean.
In the aftermath of the tragedy, as years pass, Morton’s death becomes one of the great unsolved Hollywood Mysteries of all time, the subject of much speculation. Until one journalist, also one of Morton's victims, finds the courage to tell her story and unleashes a tidal wave of victims. Will Claudia come forward with the truth?
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A long-time editor-in-chief, Vanessa Raphaely is also the author of the children's book 'Princess Pincushion' (Art Publishers, South Africa).
Nadine Rubin Nathan
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