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Oct. 11, 2017
Tom Romeo
Fiction: New Adult
In the summer of 1969, every boy in America wants to be an astronaut. Gordo Jenkins, age 10, has the next best thing – an astronomer dad who builds a model of Apollo 11 in the boughs of two backyard oak trees so they can act out their own lunar landing. Then, after Gordo has a near-drowning accident at the beach, his father deserts the family. Refusing to accept that his wistful dad is gone for good Gordo starts a secret search that lures him to the seedy world of Times Square until one unforgivable discovery ends his pursuit. Years later, he learns that his father is living in Mexico and has asked to see him. Unable to resist the desire to find out why his father abandoned him and his mother, he sets off with his girlfriend, Eleanor, to confront his long-lost dad.
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Note: In 2019, it will be the 50th anniversary since man first walked on the moon.
Nadine Rubin Nathan
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