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Shadow Lovers
Oct. 1, 2017
Sue Royer
Digital: Fiction: Women's/Romance
SHADOW LOVERS is the first of a Romantic Suspense trilogy involving the Men of Chandler, Inc., which is a growing security firm that is expanding to Seattle and New York. They employ as many former service people as they can and its owners, Russell and Ellie Chandler, have ties in the security and enforcement community that will be brought in as the stories unfold. The company grows, and the stories evolve. Zach’s twin brothers, introduced in SHADOW LOVERS, are the heroes in SHADOW TOUCH (Seth’s story) and SHADOW MIST (Max’s story).
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This is the debut novel for Sue Royer. The characters are 34 & 33. The hero in Shadow Lovers is paralyzed from the waist down.
Stephanie Phillips
SBR Media
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