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Sept. 26, 2017
Benjamin Ficklin
Fiction: Debut
The narrator of Ichor is plagued by death. In the parking lot of her middle school she finds a dead lunch lady behind the wheel of a car. A police officer hangs himself in the Alaskan fishing village of Cordova. A washed up movie star throws his assistant off a cliff in Puerto Rico. And as her own life unravels, she stands beside an acquaintance when he’s shot from a nearby bridge.

Environmental degradation haunts her, capitalist exploitation depresses her, and hipster apathy maddens her, yet the society complicit in these evils proves inescapable, especially within herself. The only habits offering any relief are relocation, substance abuse, and the company of other social outcasts. She snorts a line of space at a music festival in the redwoods. She smokes kinnikinnik with two anarchists in the middle of the desert. She sips margarita after margarita in a dark LA bar with a burn victim. By the end of the novel she’s living in a homeless camp, pained by declining health, yet coming to understand the values of community and perseverance. With similar thematic elements to Bolano’s The Savage Detectives and Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son, Ichor is concerned with the issues defining the millennial generation and the current moment: environmentalism, humanitarianism, feminism, police brutality, and queer justice.
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Benjamin McPherson Ficklin was born in Portland, Oregon, but now spends most of his life traveling. Outside of his writing, he works as a gongfu tea-master, commercial salmon fisherman, abstract photographer and ulu farmer. His work has been published in Lomography, Autre, Oregon Voice Magazine, and all three anthologies by The StoneCutters Union. He teaches seminars on Latin American literature through the Portland-based nonprofit Literary Arts.
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