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Intersection of the Gods -- stories
Sept. 26, 2017
Lewis Schrager
Fiction: General/Other
Intersection of the Gods weaves together tales from across the globe, exploring universal issues that define the human condition: love and hatred; joy and grief; ambition, greed and generosity; spiritualism and rationalism. A desperate American businessman is caught up in the bombing of a Hindu shrine in Bangkok; a young Tunisian woman is spurned by her radicalized lover; a generations-long relationship between an Israeli and a Palestinian family is threatened by the deepening divide between these peoples; an American-trained Malagasy doctor confronts her own fears as she strives to save the life of a young villager stricken with bubonic plague in a remote village in Madagascar; an elderly retiree strives to counter the growing influence of a renowned evangelical minister on the minds of his wife and friends. Intersection of the Gods is the place where people, their beliefs, and the things they value meet and clash in this collection of published and new short fiction.
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Lewis K. Schrager has published short stories in literary journals including South Carolina Review, Southwestern American Literature, South Dakota Review, Cottonwood, Bryant Literary Review, Colere, Quiddity, and Forge. In 1999 and 2001 his stories garnered runner-up awards from the F. Scott Fitzgerald writing contest. He has had three plays produced: Levy’s Ghost, (Baltimore, MD, 2005), Shadow of the Valley (St. Paul, MN, 2005) and Fourteen Days in July (Baltimore, 2014). He is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University and the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and earned an MA in Writing (fiction concentration) from Johns Hopkins in 2003.
Laura Strachan
Strachan Literary Agency
Annapolis, MD 21404
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