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Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe
Sept. 26, 2017
Robert Pacilio
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
In Meetings at the Metaphor Café four teenage narrators reveal their dreams and disasters during junior year in high school: Maddie holds her breath each night as the reports of war dead in Iraq soberly flash across the screen, knowing her father’s picture could be there any day. Mickey must face his parents with the truth that their dreams for him clash with his need to write ‘his own story.’ Rhia is stunned by her father who, without warning, abandons his family. Finally, Parivesh deals with being a Muslim in a post-9.11 world. Through it all they are inspired by their English teacher, Mr. Buscotti, who helps them to navigate their troubled waters as they sip their lattes and reveal their deepest secrets at the Metaphor Café, a local coffeeshop. Their eyes are opened to a world filled with literary heroes and heroines in a classroom in which they dance and sing and find out why music is, in Bruce Springsteen’s words, like a big train that “carries saints and sinners.”
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Robert Pacilio is an award-winning high school teacher and author with 32 years of experience in the classroom, making him uniquely qualified to tell this fictional story that resembles the many stories of his own students. He was the 1998 San Diego County Teacher of the Year, one of Disney's ‘Top 100 Teachers in America,’ and San Diego Magazine’s ‘Top Ten Teachers to Watch.” His article “The Secrets of Generation NeXt” was published in Listen magazine. and honored by Creative Communication’s as one of the ‘Top Ten Teacher Poets.’
Laura Strachan
Strachan Literary Agency
Annapolis, MD 21404
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