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Outside the Lines
Sept. 14, 2017
Ameera Patel
Fiction: Debut
Unmistakably an excellent South African debut.

AS THE dysfunctional relationships explored in Ameera Patel’s debut novel play out, so the book’s title takes on its full meaning — just as a child colouring in outside the lines is not following the rules, so are the characters not doing what society requires of them.

Nearly all the characters in Patel’s book are breaking rules in some or other deeply human way. Her storytelling is so vivid that the five principal characters, whose names head chapters, live on long after you have put down the novel.

AMEERA PATEL is a South African award winning actor and play write who has worked on stage and in television. She received a distinction for her MA in Creative Writing in 2013 (University of the Witwatersrand).  Outside the Lines is her first novel and has been received as a character driven story with international allure.
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