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Nov. 1, 2017
Joe Yogerst
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Forget Deadwood, Dodge, and Tombstone. The biggest, baddest boomtown of the 1880s was San Diego, California. In the midst of hucksters, con artists, and flimflam men (and women), US Marshal Cradoc Bradshaw and San Diego Times reporter Nicholas Pinder, once childhood friends, but now sworn enemies because of Irish beauty, Roz Hanna, compete to see who can solve a crime first—Pinder with his mighty quill pen, or Bradshaw with his sawed-off shotgun and Colt single action Army revolver.
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translation, audiobook, film
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Nemesis is the first in the Bradshaw-Pinder murder/mystery series. Yogerst is an award-winning writer, editor, and photographer on four continents including stints in South Africa, London, Hong Kong and California. He has also developed television movies and written a number of episodes for network TV shows, including Silk Stalkings.
Kristina Makansi
Amphorae Publishing Group, LLC
St Louis, MO 63116
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