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Aug. 20, 2017
Joseph Eckert
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Set in a futuristic mid-21st century, with the United States embroiled in a civil war. Desmond Cole, former Delta Force operative escapes certain death in captivity with the aid of Sai, a self-proclaimed über hacker who promises to reunite Desmond with his family in exchange for the ex-solder to free Sai from imprisonment. Struggling across an embattled continent Desmond discovers that Sai is using him as a puppet in order that Sai may release a new and more destructive force that will wreak more havoc upon an already devastated society.
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Publication rights only.
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In development for film/television. Contact Dean Krystek (d.krystek@wordlink.us) or Cesar Perez (c.perez@wordlink.us)
Dean Krystek
Word Link Literary
phone: 631-882-3462
PO Box 395, Enola, PA 17025
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