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Nov. 1, 2017
Pat Wahler
Fiction: General/Other
ZEE MIMMS wants to be more than an obedient preacher’s daughter. She dreams of a different life from that of her parents, even as the War Between the States brews around her, pitting neighbor against neighbor in the border state of Missouri. When Zee’s cousin, the already-notorious JESSE JAMES is seriously wounded, Zee nurses him back to health. During his long convalescence, the couple fall in love. But first Jesse vows to finish his personal war against the Federals. So, he pledges his lucky penny for a promise to eventually settle down and marry Zee. Zee’s parents, fearing Jesse’s growing notoriety, try to push her into marriage with an older man they see as a safer choice. But after a nine-year engagement to Jesse, Zee abandons her conventional life and the safety of family to marry the most infamous man of the Old West. Living a life on the run as the wife of the notorious Jesse James was not everything Zee hoped for--continually changing names and places to live, unable to make long-lasting friendships, even changing the names of their children to protect all of them, especially Jesse from capture. This fictional account of ZEE JAMES surrounds actual historical accounts and facts of her life with Jesse James.
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Kristina Makansi
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