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Aug. 13, 2017
Rachel Tucker
Children's: Fantasy
Inspired by dark children's classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Roald Dahl's Matilda, Albion tells the story of a young girl named Tess and her adventures in an alternate world where the myths and legends of London, past and present, come to life. In this fantasy adventure novel, those famous London landmarks were granted of magic powers in another forms, told in another stories far different from the familiar normal. A boring old clock tower becomes a clunky, clockwork-powered machine where time runs forward and backward at random. Instead of a train, the tube is a system of colorful serpents which swallow their passengers and take them via underground tunnels wherever they need to go.
Along with her two new friends, a suicidal Queen and the cowardly Spring-Heeled Jack, Tess must set out on a journey to the Tower if she wants to save Albion Kingdom and return home. Humorous, funny, dark, thrilling and actions, Albion is also a story about the courage, friendship, responsibilities and motivation.
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Rachel Tucker, born and raised in Oklahoma, received her screenwriting MFA from University of Southern California. She has worked in television for over ten years, written and produced two feature films and a web series. The first feature, Time Expired, won the Silver Remi at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and has received over two million online views. Shades was nominated for Best Director and won Best Supporting Actress at Action on Film International Film Festival, while the web series Introverts received a best supporting actress win at LAWEBFEST and continues to grow its small but dedicated fan base.
Rachel loves the travel and is willing to take the odd jobs to learn more about this world and the different lives. Albion is Rachel’s first novel, as a love letter to the city of London, where she was lucky enough to call home for six months while she sold tickets at one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, the London Eye.
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