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July 22, 2017
Libby Sternberg
Fiction: General/Other
This retelling of JANE EYRE set in old Hollywood offers a surprising story for even the most die-hard Bronte fans. Praised by Bronte experts, chosen by the Simon & Schuster blog "Off the Shelf" as one of only 14 books highlighted on Charlotte Bronte's 200th birthday anniversary, SLOANE HALL is a refreshing story set during a tumultuous time in Hollywood history, when films went from silent to sound. As evidenced by the numerous cinematic iterations of JANE EYRE throughout the decades, this is a timeless story with wide appeal. A good story, well told.
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SLOANE HALL was originally published by Five Star/Cengage with a tiny print run. Author had her rights reverted and is eager to see this critically reviewed book find its audience of readers and viewers. A highly cinematic story, SLOANE HALL would be well suited to a TV or film adaptation. Author entered a script of it in the Nicholls Fellowship contest two years ago but had to withdraw due to money she'd made on another film option. But she received great comments on the script. She is about to tweak and polish the book and try to get a publisher and/or producer interested.
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