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The Turquoise Bones
July 3, 2017
Steven R. Brandt
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
In a bronze age culture on an alien world live two teenagers.

Apjay speaks to the dead in dreams, and remembers words of a language forgotten long ago. He believes his gifts come from the invisible stars--lights that once ruled the night sky. The only person in his tribe who understands him, so he belives, is the beautiful Iota.

Iota is gifted healer who, as a child watched her father die of illness. While the messages Apjay brings from the dead comfort her, she has no trust for the stars whom she believes are to blame for her father's death.

When Apjay decides to go on a spiritual quest, Iota fears the past is repeating and he will suffer her father's fate. She will stop at nothing to save Apjay from the stars and himself. She'll even follow him to the dreaded city of the star-stealers.
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Stephanie Taylor
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