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Two Americas: The Key Conversations, Policies, and Tensions Determining our Future
June 27, 2017
Dr. Christopher Metzler
Non-fiction: History/Politics/Current Affairs
Over the last ten years, America has lost 50 percent of its manufacturing jobs as 50,000 factories have closed in the U.S. This has generated an unexpected paradigm shift with ripples that have created unexpected shifts in American society. One of the most seismic changes was the conditions that led to the election of Donald Trump.

For the first time in decades or perhaps even a century a significant number of Americans are beginning to ask how we will maintain our influence and one can’t help but ask the question: How will the current multi-faceted, multi-generational, and diverse America maintain capitalism within its current climate without imploding?

Dr. Christopher Metzler/CEO of FHWfit, a medical conglomerate in West Palm Beach, Florida, and conservative strategist whose perspective as an Oxford graduate and Black Republican who has cautiously consulted with the current administration offers unique and valuable insight in his new book. Two Americas: The Key Conversations, Policies, and Tensions Determining Our Future, presents a holistic discussion on the issues that have caused what he refers to as the “Two Americas” problem. Interestingly enough, this Two Americas isn’t always about one political party siding with another or one culture against another; it has become more nuanced than that and Dr. Metzler discusses this in his new book. Here are some of the dominant themes that will be presented within the book:

• The Rust Belt & the South vs. the East & West Coast – Clinton won New York and California collectively by 6 million votes and lost the rest of the 48 states by over 3 million.

• Expanding the Diversity Discussion: White Nationalism vs. Racial Diversity – The campaign and election of Donald Trump has made America begin to view race differently. In his farewell address President Obama suggested perhaps a working class male laid off from his job in the face of automation doesn’t benefit from white privilege. For the first time ever, in the face of changing demographics; some white Americans are showing characteristics and concerns minorities have expressed.

• The Generational Differences: Baby Boomers vs. Millennials – Paul Ryan recently claimed that it isn’t fair for younger and healthier people to have to pay more taxes to take care of those who are older and have deteriorating health. While Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe argues healthcare is a right and any system that is just has to be built on a principle where younger and healthier people pay their share. This is one of a series of issues in this topic.

• The Issue of Justice: Law & Order vs. Openness – We want to keep America safe and at the same time continue to be a beacon for democracy. How do we strike this chord in a world where terrorists are willing to murder teenage girls enjoying a concert.

This is a small sample of the nearly a dozen pivotal questions Dr. Metzler plans to identify and analyze.

Two Americas is a call to action to identify our real issues. Only after identifying them can we stand together, link arms, and unite to begin an open and honest conversation about how there are Two Americas on many different fronts. Surprisingly, it isn’t always about Republican vs. Democrat. This book will discuss how America currently exists, how we got here and how we are going to create channels to listen to one another and execute strategies that will positively impact our nation for generations to come.
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