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The Pleasure Principle
June 27, 2017
Sofia Milan
Non-fiction: Advice/Relationships
America’s Sweetest and Spiciest Relationship Expert, Sofia Milan, learned the hard way that all of our relationship issues begin with the person in the mirror. The only consistent person throughout your life is you. If you’re happy, it’s your fault. If you’re a mess, it’s your fault. If you’re pissed, it was your reaction to something, and therefore your fault. Figure out how to make you happy and you will be more fun to be around and you too will attract happy, encourage happy and be happy anyway. “F--- ‘em”. It is this sort of message that has helped Sofia be retweeted by the likes of Steve Harvey, Bishop TD Jakes, and The Rock. The response to her message on Facebook has generated at times over 285,000 people and on Twitter over 270,000. She has built an engaged audience that has followed her quims and now Sofia is ready to share with the world the first ever, beautiful yet serious, comic relationship book for (gasp) bathroom reading!

The Pleasure Principle: Mastering the Three Letter Word that Unlocks your Coupling Power by Sofia Milan and illustrated by Erik Ly is designed to strike a nerve, knock people in relationships out of bad habits, stop cycles of insanity, make lives better, and ultimately create a happier world. Think of it this way, The Pleasure Principle is a self-help book that married a comic strip and produced a magazine wrapped in a hardcover so pretty that you can display it in your bathroom. It is perfect for a stimulating read while soaking in the tub, or handling other business.

This highly unique book is a collection of short chapters that you can read in one sitting, pun intended. The stories are illustrated by comics that will enhance the reader’s experience and understanding of the book’s concepts. Like a strategically placed billboard that features an ad compelling the reader to take some action, one partner could casually keep an open-faced page of beautifully illustrated wisdom on the counter as a catalyst for effective communication, a happier home and better sex.

Most self-help relationship books appeal to women, which is only half of the equation. The Pleasure Principle is not a tome filled with stale gender stereotypes. Rather, it’s jam-packed with information and insights broad enough to appeal to both dynamics that are at play in a relationship whether they are more attracted to illustrations or to the written word, straight or gay. Throughout the pages of this much needed book, Sofia Milan risks personal vulnerability to share insights from lessons learned on her own personal journey as well as research and stories from successful couples. It is her hope to expose debilitating myths, reverse negative trends, shatter stereotypes and spark conversations that will empower couples to tap into one of the most satisfying activities that they can experience together, without actually getting overly graphic about it.
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