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I Am: A Girl's Guide to Harnessing Superpowers
June 27, 2017
Lisa Van Ahn
Children's: Middle grade
I Am: A Girl’s Guide to Harnessing Superpowers by Lisa Van Ahn, a beautifully illustrated self-empowerment book for tween and teenage girls. This self-help book is designed to teach them how to take control of their lives through positive self-reinforcement, goal-setting and goal-achievement, mental and physical well-being, personal accountability, and establishing good habits that will lead them to be “victors” in their lives as opposed to victimization.

Along with its accompanying “I AM SUPER POWER CARDS” this book can easily be integrated into any school’s curriculum making it a great tool in the development of girls everywhere. The power of words, positive thinking, and reflection are inherent in the adult world of top motivational speakers. However, up until now, I haven’t seen a tool like this to support the girls of today. Recognizing feelings and emotions, and learning how to acknowledge them in a productive and meaningful way is very much needed. I AM offers a comprehensive approach to empowering young girls to tap into their superpowers that lie within. It takes a unique approach by encouraging generational discourse and understanding the power of one’s internal dialogue. This book offers girls and young women strategies and techniques that, if used correctly, should motivate or inspire behavioral changes.

I Am has the potential to tap into the awareness of what girls may experience at a young age which is the negative conditioning of the mind which leads to poor self- esteem. It could be of special help to girls who are in crisis or are caught up in the courts and juvenile justice systems, where young women seem to be entering at an alarming rate. The illustrations are colorful, attention-grabbing, easy-to-follow and easy to archive for future referencing by the reader. The concepts reviewed here are foundationally grounded in the human experience and proven mental-health techniques that promote positive behavioral change management, and mental and emotional well-being.

Lisa Van Ahn is a confidence coach for girls of all ages who resides in Minneapolis, MN, with her sweet and wonderful cats Nikita & Josephine. She has travelled the world leading retreats and workshops for girls and women, teaching them tools for self-love, self-confidence, and self-protection. She believes self-defense happens in this order; love yourself, trust yourself, then you can protect yourself. To find out more about her workshops, retreats, and events, I cordially invite you to visit her website at www.iaminitiative.com.
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